Patreon dzoolworks

Patreon dzoolworks

Patreon basically showed the bank/company their data most likely showing how adult creators on Patreon have less charge backs and active subscribers. Along with the fact there is so much content on patreon that is not Adult content that it would more then make up for any charge back or issues that would come up.Patreon is a San Francisco-based crowdfunding platform that allows anyone to support talented artists and creators such as: youtube musicians, bloggers, comic creators, etc…The office of this 2-year old startup was designed by Swell Spaces and is located in San Francisco’s Mid Market neighborhood near SOMA.Adventure High is an RPG/Visual Novel set in a school that teaches adult students how to harness their unique magical gifts so that they can survive in the wilderness as explorers. Every person has a magical gift which helps determine the kinds of magic they are good at, and what spells they will learn in any of the four major schools of magic.

Patreon is the most popular internationally in terms of artists and monthly creative support vs one time donation. As you may know, the money will be in $, then adjusted to £, for anyone Patreon takes 5% and for outside US - Paypal takes an additional 2%.r/patreon: A totally unofficial Patreon subreddit. Are the creators themselves able to do a refund? I pledged a few days ago, which I think is a pretty decent amount for a pledge, then to my surprise I'm charged again because its' now the first of the month.Want to discover art related to patreon? Check out inspiring examples of patreon artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists.

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Our Adult game, LEWD, on Patreon. Again, this is super NSFW! I still haven't fully finished this and still need to work on rewards and such, but here it is.Page 1 of 47 - Why we can't use Patreon, and talking about donations and doing more to support mod authors - posted in Network news and announcements: It's been just over 4 months since the paid modding fiasco failed and Valve stopped the sale of mods on the Skyrim Workshop. I'm not here to beat the dead horse on what happened then, but I am here to talk about one of the major fall out points.Patreon is giving free money to new creator accounts. Details inside. I took in over php,000 from < 30 listeners supporting me on Patreon (since April)! Each month I.

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Patreon’s CEO Jack Conte also lambasted the move. He called the move hurtful for any creator on the popular video platform. It remains unclear what changes YouTube will surprise content creators.Mike Doughty is an American singer-songwriter and author. He founded the band Soul Coughing in 1992, and has since released 18 studio albums, live albums, and EPs. In an interview with Patreon, Mike shed light on his natural draw to music at an early age: Since I was thirteen, I wanted to be the guy who does this for a living.Patreon is an excellent crowdfunding option for anyone working on a long-term or semi-regular project rather than a one-time product. Rather than delivering content after fans have funded it, Patreon essentially functions as a “tip jar” for the content you are already producing.