اجابه how have you been

اجابه how have you been

At first, you should only mention the asset and allude only briefly to some proof of how you have tapped it to your advantage. For example, you might say that you love to give presentations and that this has helped you to generate lots of leads at sales dinners for prospective clients.Yes, perfectly correct. You might also say, "All is well with you, I trust." "I hope you are doing well."Have the same problem? Still no answer to the question, and you have the same problem? Help us find a solution by researching the problem, then contribute the results of your research and anything additional you’ve tried as a partial answer. That way, even if we can’t figure it out, the next person has more to go on.

Typically, a good answer to “why does this job interest you?” will not only explain what appeals to you about the job, but also explain how it fits in with your career path. That’s especially true if the job is very different from roles you’ve had in the past, in a new field, or a sideways or downward move.When you apply for a job in customer service, sales, retail, hospitality or another public-facing role, employers may ask you the popular interview question, “What does customer service mean to you?” “What does great customer service look like?” or “What is customer service?”Look up the Arabic to German translation of إجابة in the PONS online dictionary. Includes free vocabulary trainer, verb tables and pronunciation function.

اجابة السؤال السابع A-Answer the questions: 1-Hafez said the man might have been killed. Leila said it could have been broken by falling rocks. 2-She discovered a new Inca site when she saw a pattern of rocks which looked familiar . B- Read the quotation and answer the questions: 1-"me" refers to Amalia – "you" refers to Leila

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"Customer service to me is about doing the right thing," says Cindy Glashagel, Principal. "It’s about treating a customer as they would expect to be treated, and as you yourself would want to be treated. Deep down, every customer wants to feel like they are your only and most important customer, and that’s exactly the feeling we should.For example, if you’re a manager, you could start with how you first became a manager. If you’ve been working for 25 years but have only been a sales professional for 12 years, you could begin with how you got started in sales. Here is an example of how to begin your answer to “tell me about yourself” as a very experienced candidate:Planning an interview answer in case you’re asked about your future goals is a perfect opportunity to show why you’re a great fit for the position. Understanding what you want out of your career in the future will help potential employers see your ambition, your competence and how you’re going to help their company grow.