F-ism vol.1

F-ism vol.1

Dear friends: Thank you for your visit! My shop is about to usher in the Spring Festival holiday, and the holiday time is from January 18th to February 15th. If you wait, you can buy the item and wait until the end of my holiday.Download 村上水軍の館_(村上水軍)]_F-ism_Vol._1-22_Suggestive_Vol.1-2.part3.rar fast and secure[耽美同人] 《村上水軍の館 F-ism Vol.1 (BMP)》【村上水軍】【高清插画】【百度云盘】

村上水军,日本著名画师,被称之为acg画师界的绳缚之王,亦有束缚之神之称村上水军在绳缚题材中体现出的专业,其实并不在于数量的多寡,而在于对绳缚术,或者说对已“绳艺”的.村上水军在绳缚题材中体现出的专业,其实并不在于数量的多寡,而在于对绳缚术,或者说对已“绳艺”的表现中,贯彻了鉴赏中的一些准则,即三大准则:衣着的有无,人体的描写,重视绳缚手法还是重视责罚手法---如以责罚为重,那么以那些手段来表现责罚内容.(三原则中,衣着的有无指,受绑缚者上下半身.磁力蜘蛛搜索(www F-ism vol.1.btmovi.space)提供最新最全的F-ism资源下载!

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Murakami Suigun -From Union Creative. This cute Katana maid is the new entry in the F-ism Shoujo line-up! Standing at about 10 inches tall, this Beautiful but deadly features a coy expression and an interchangeable body featuring a bondage-inspired outfit!Daiki Kogyo Murakami Suigun No Yakata Original F-ism Shoujo 16 Pvc Figure. 7.65. Psl Murakami . Psl Murakami Suigun House Of The Original F-ism Shoujo Sword Maid.

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