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Become a patron of Tease Discord today: Read posts by Tease Discord and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators. Tease Discord is creating Love | PatreonThe size and reach of Easy Allies is completely up to you Patreon teasy. Patreon is the primary engine that keeps all this running, so if you enjoy our shows and want to see us make more, this is the place to support us. Check out our work so far to get a good idea of what we’re capable of.Also, I finished another Patreon short story that I started last yearSomething called "Need for Speed". This is about a professional British driver who takes part in a Japanese league, and is "convinced" to disguise himself in order to carry out an important mission for his team

Well the simple answer to that question is that last month at The Grove Patreon we hit a milestone of 500 patrons, which meant they got an exclusive 7 page BE comic (and allll of my free time)! I've included the first three pages as this month's preview for y'all to enjoy.

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