Tv series adrian monk

Tv series adrian monk

Benjamin "Benjy" Fleming (son, with Trevor) Sharona Fleming is a fictional character in the USA Network television series Monk. Sharona is a divorced licensed vocational nurse from New Jersey and a single mother with a young son named Benjy.MR. MONK AND THE COMPUTER by The USA NetworkAs Adrian Monk arrives on the scene of a horrifying murder he believes he may have left the oven on which makes the world's greatest detective increasingly more anxious! From Monk - 'Mr. Monk and.

Adrian Monk was once a rising star with the San Francisco Police Department, legendary for using unconventional means to solve the department's most baffling cases. But after the tragic (and still unsolved) murder of his wife Trudy, he developed an extreme case of obsessive-compulsive disorder.Tony Shalhoub, Actor: Monk. Anthony Marcus Shalhoub was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His father, Joseph Shalhoub, who owned a grocery chain, emigrated from Lebanon to the United States as an orphan at age ten, later marrying Shalhoub's mother, Helen (Seroogy), who herself was born in Wisconsin, to Lebanese parents.

Adrian Monk is a former homicide detective working for the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). He was discharged from his position after his wife, Trudy Monk, was tragically murdered, which led Monk to suffer a mental breakdown. The loss of his wife also severely worsened his obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

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Adrian Monk is an unlikely candidate for one of the top detectives in TV history. But his most memorable characteristics are his neuroses. The obsessive-compulsive Monk manages to do his sleuthing nonetheless, and to be funny while he’s at it. You'll thank me later #Monk - adrian monk | TumblrAdrian Monk, portrayed by Tony Shalhoub, is the title character and protagonist of the USA Network television series Monk. He is a renowned former homicide detective for the San Francisco Police Department. Monk has obsessive–compulsive disorder and multiple phobias, all of which intensified after the murder of his wife Trudy, resulting in his suspension from the department. He works as a private police homicide consultant and undergoes therapy with the ultimate goal of overcoming his.She is best known for her role as Adrian Monk's original personal assistant, Sharona Fleming, on the TV series, Monk (2002). She is also known for her film debut role as "Evelyn Gardner", the sobbing right-fielder who was reminded by Tom Hanks that "There's.

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The Monk Series Finale with the song When I'm Gone written by Randy Newman for this series. enjoy. Adrian Interrogates a Suspect With OCD | Monk - Duration: 5:09 Tv series adrian monk. Monk. thecomputerdude24 TV.We love Monk, quaintly quirky, wonderfully weird and above all, loveable. Seen series 1 and 2 now on 3 and will be working our way through all series. There are not many TV programmes that you can watch together with all the family or indeed that all the family want to watch together.Created by Andy Breckman. With Tony Shalhoub, Jason Gray-Stanford, Ted Levine, Traylor Howard. Adrian Monk is a brilliant San Francisco detective, whose obsessive compulsive disorder just happens to get in the way.