Okex websocket api

Okex websocket api

The WebSocket object provides the API for creating and managing a WebSocket connection to a server, as well as for sending and receiving data on the connection. To construct a WebSocket, use the WebSocket() constructor. Constructor WebSocket(url[, protocols]) Returns a newly created WebSocket object. ConstantsStarting from October 2019 we and many other API users started observing frequent OKEx WebSocket real-time feeds disconnections and market data being provided with large delay every time there was a larger market volatility resulting in historical data gaps.OKEx websocket api here #3. Closed qyvlik opened this issue Mar 10, 2018 · 3 comments Closed OKEx websocket api here #3. qyvlik opened this issue Mar 10, 2018 · 3.

Dear Valued Customers, The WebSocket API has been upgraded and we now support BCH/ETH/ETC futures. OKEx Futures WebSocket Address: wss://real.okex:8443/ws/v3 Please add our API customer suppoWe strongly recommend you to use WebSocket API to access live market data. Contact. Please feel free to join our API community on Telegram (t.me/OKExAPI), where we will help answer your questions and you can share your experiences with other users. For WeChat, please remark: API + Name + OKEx Account ID, to the API support group.Some WebSocket libraries are better than others at detecting connection drops. If your websocket library supports hybi-13, or ping/pong, you may send a ping at any time and the server will return with a pong. Due to changes in browser power-saving modes, we no longer support expectant pings via the WebSocket API.

The OKEx NodeJS SDK by Zhiwei Wang allows developers to integrate the OKEx APIs into. Cex.io opened access to its bitcoin exchange data through a new WebSocket API.

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与REST API最大的不同是,websocket API可以实现订阅消息,以账户信息为例,REST请求一次,获得一次账户信息,而websocket订阅以后,每当账户信息有变动,就会推送消息,无变化是则不推送。可以同时订阅深度,tick…こんにちは。MAZMEXです。 約1年ぶりに、仮想通貨トレードBOT関連のnoteを書きました。 昨年は、BitMEX APIの基礎的な内容や便利なAPIの詳細などについて綴っていました。 このnoteでは、昨年に実装してからよくBOTに組み込んできたWebSocketのモジュール(部品)を公開してみようと思います。 内容と[email protected] We will terminate the V1 WebSocket API services at 08:00 Jul 15, 2019 (CET, UTC+2) (V1 Restful API will not be affected). Please take necessary measures and migrate to V3 API to avoid disruption.

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OKEx Cloud est un fournisseur de services d'échange plus rapide et plus sécurisé. Nous partageons la profondeur du marché d'OKEx, la technologie de pointe, les solutions de trading spot et C2C, la liste de jetons flexible, le développement multiplateforme et le service client mondial 24/7.相比于rest API, websocket一般具有延时低,频率高,不受平台rest API频率限制等有优点,缺点是有中断问题,处理不直观。关于websocket简介,可以参考我曾经的这篇文章: wb wang:比特币程序化交易入门(5):WebSocket API zhuanlan.zhihuOKCoin WebSocket Api客户端示例. Contribute to OKCoin/websocket development by creating an account on GitHub.